Spokane Airport Shuttle Service

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Questions and Answers



Q.   What forms of payment?

       A.  We take major credit cards, cash (receipt given) and checks with

         prior approval.

Q.  Where we service?


    A.  We service the entire area including Idaho, Montana and




    Q.  How far ahead do I need to make my reservation?


      A.  By the night before a morning flight and a few hours before

            an afternoon flight.  More time insures priority service.



    Q.  How far ahead should I be at the airport before

            my flight?   


      A.  Normally one hour ahead of time.  If you are going out

            of country or it is a busy holiday one and a half hours.

           We will take you out at your convenance


       Q.  What do I do if my plane is late?


        A.  We track your flight and will be there when your plane

             lands.  We only need to hear from you if you miss  a

             flight or have a change of plans.


        Q.  How is the cost figured?


          A.  On distance and time from the airport.  Rates are fixed so 

               there are no surprises.  We charge what we quote.

                   all out of town trips are priced at approx. $2.00 per mile

         Q.  Is smoking allowed?


        A.   All shuttles are smoke free.


         Q.  Do we have car seats?


         A.    YES.  We have a van with two built in car seats.  If you need more call ahead.


   Q.  Are there limits on luggage sizes?


           A.  We have mini-vans and can hold most bags including

                 golf bags with ease.  Please let dispatch know if you

                 have a bike or wheel chair.








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